Result Unknown - help to research

Your FAQ says to post here if a “result unknown” shows up.

I flew IFR today in N83993 from KTTN to KVAY. The routing took me just about to the RBV VOR and then down the VOR 26 approach to VAY.

Your site shows the track to the VOR, but no track southbound. The flight was successful but conditions were at minimums so we had to cancel IFR via phone after landing.

If I can help further please let me know.

What time did you arrive? We don’t plot navaids currently so it’s a little tricky for me to piece together the situation.

We got a flight plan at 14:45Z, an IFR departure at 15:32Z, radar updates from KPH between 15:36Z until 15:47Z, then an IFR arrival from KZNY followed by VFR flight following updates until 16:08Z and that was pretty much it.


The times that you list are for my first flight today - VAY to TTN.

The second flight departed TTN IFR probably around 5-10 minutes after arrival at TTN (the other flight listed for today for that tail number). That would match the 1558Z that you list on the site. About 1/2 way through the flight, we were cleared for the VOR 26 approach to VAY. That took about 10-15 minutes to fly. They did clear us early to switch to CTAF (almost immediately after clearing us for the approach) with a request for us to cancel IFR as soon as possible. As we had to go all the way to minimums to find the airport we didn’t cancel until after we landed.

I remember looking at my cell phone and seeing 11:30am just before I called to cancel IFR.

This just happened to me, too, yesterday. Coincidentally, I departed TTN for JYO. N372SE departed TTN at 2220 local on 7 April and picked up the clearance with PHL approach at 2231.

Since I was arriving JYO after midnight (50 knot headwind), I had no intention of cancelling IFR until landing, which I did using the clearance delivery frequency. That’s SOP if not cancelling in the air.

Anyway, “result is unknown” but the track plot is all the way to the airport, so I suspect the cancellation of IFR after landing generates a different “message” from the ATC computer.

What is your tail number? Cancellations on the ground should show up as normal arrivals on FlightAware.

Wow, that was fast! I was editing the post to put that in when you asked. :laughing:

Looks like we never received a notification of cancellation or arrival – an anomaly that “just happens” sometimes.

Well, no surprises there. :laughing: Oh well.

Any chance of being able to view the plotted altitudes and speeds neverthless?

Yeah, I suppose we can set it up to link to the track log.

Thank you!