False Report?


Any ideas on what caused this flight to take a reported one minute to cover this distance?

My son’s PC12 must have magically turned into an SR71!




Checked the data on that flight – we got an IFR cancellation a few minutes after takeoff and then the flight continued to send IFR radar position updates although never sent another departure, amendment, or arrival. Looks like a glitch on the FAA side.


SUUURRRREEEE… Blame the FAA…take the easy way out…


Thanks, I rather suspected a hiccup on the FAA side.




I’m willing to bet it IS on the FAA end, I’ll put my money on FA. Who are you going to trust, the FAA who claims to be broke, or FA who is bringing you this great free site in spite of them? :slight_smile:


I’ll go with the popular opinion…

Blame George!!!


We had an IFR on file, but we decided to go VFR to avoid the TRBOW7 arival into PDK which is a pain in the ass and takes more time. Tower gave us a squawk code while we were still on the ground. We werent able to reach approach until we were at 3000 feet or so, and then we were radar contact. So maybe something in the system kept us as IFR until we were able to get in radar contact with Greensboro.
Dunno…I know it took longer than 1 minute though!


How could you admit that it took more than one minute??? You dad is going to be devistated!!!


Looks like the boy did it again!

Two minutes from Apalachicola to Pensacola this morning.

I sure hope we get to blame the FAA again. :wink:




Yeah – a flight plan cancellation minutes after the arrival and then only a handful of radar position updates followed by a flight plan for the INT-PWK leg.


Thanks for the update.

I knew it couldn’t have been YOU guys.




We went VFR the whole way. We were supposed to leave out of Pensecola at 3, but the pax wanted to go at EIGHT! We were there early to begin with (anything to get out of Apalachicola), plus I didnt realize that Pensecola is central time, so another hour. Anyway, the INT flight was pushed back to 5, and the PWK flight never happened. INT-MDW the next morning, and tomorrow MDW-PWK (yes i know, its only 20 miles) and then back down to INT. BORING. Oh well, still cant believe they pay me for this.


Thanks for the update.

You can tell me about the ball game tomorrow.



Got another one for you Dan!

Duplication of N number?

AFAIK the KMMU-KHTO-KMHT schedule is the correct one.

Could just be a scheduling glitch on the part of Planesense as well.




Probably a mistake that the operator made – usually duped N numbers are very short ones. The bogus flights will be automatically removed.


Thank you for the explanation sir.