do you guys find the total number of flight time right? It varies from 1-7 hrs and its not just for a few flights either. Thought the jump was rather large. is it even right?


At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s service area. Information on this page may be unreliable



Other trans-Pacific flights have shown a deviation to that same point off the central west coast of Africa. The track log shows a latitute of 0.00 (the Equator). It’s obvious that the FAA’s radar tracking system has lost the aircraft for a period of several minutes. The absense of latitude is filled in by zeroes. Something comparable is happening to longitude and flight level. FA just positions the plane where the ‘garbage data’ says it is.

As they say about data, “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. I wouldn’t pin this problem on FlightAware.


Gee! Doesn’t anybody believe that the simplist answer is the correct answer? Due to so many flights over the Pacific, the FAA as started holding aircraft over Africa until there is an opening in the Pacific.


I believe the correct holding point is off the east coast of Africa near Madagascar. They usually find a break in the traffic before planes actually reach the holding point, so they just turn back and resume their regularly-scheduled flight already in progress.


looks like a case of " oh geez I think we’er flyin in the wrong direction "

simple is best.

maybe ATC routing prob??? " oh geez, I think we have em flyin in the wrong direction!"



Right, dami! Effective July 1, The Bermuda Triangle was closed for the purpose of holding aircraft and the FAA entered negotiations with Nigeria. The Nigerians need more aircraft to transport their billions of dollars to Americans who answered e-mails and are waiting for those funds to appear in their bank accounts.

The large number of insurance companies now domiciled on the island of Bermuda pressured that government to clean up the reputation of the Triangle. Insurance claims and losses are down significantly.

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