Flight activity bug?

The past two days, or so, it appears that pretty much every flight I want to look at after it has landed, is given a false history taking them all the way out to the Atlantic just off the western coast of Africa, then returning for their normal flight. I’m not sure why this is the case, but it’s pretty consistent and persistent.


This only happens after the flight is completed, from what I can tell. And I’m not sure why it occurs, but it is a little bit annoying when trying to look back over a few flights. Any idea what’s going on here? I seriously doubt that all of these flights are reporting to fly this same ill-gotten path, and it doesn’t show this way in real-time. I think it might be a bug. Something to look into, at least.

Thanks for your time.

Sorry, a correction. It appears that this journey to crash off of Africa takes place right at the END of the flight, not the beginning. Sorry for my error.

I’ve also noticed this bug. It looks like the cause of this is that when the flight has landed, the latitude and longitude go to their defaults, which happens to be 0,0 (off the coast of Africa). The latitude and longitude are also reset in this way in the FlightXML service when the arrival time changes from null to a timestamp.
So, the real issue is that the map continues to update after the flight has landed and results in a line drawn to 0,0.

Thank you for the information. We are aware of the issue and have implemented a fix that should be showing on the site this afternoon.

thanks for the explanation, nburrell. Also, thanks for looking at it and getting a fix started, cbw! Cheers!

Yep, you pegged the cause. I wasn’t quite smart enough when I updated some of the map code a while back. (this bug was 100% courtesy of yours truly)

I’ve noticed that the “lemming phenomenon” has ceased! Thanks, pclifton, for getting right on it and taking care of business! You’re awesome…and, for the record, I love your site! :slight_smile: Cheers!