[BUG] Empty map for flight tracking

A few weeks ago, FlightAware stopped showing any content on the blue map background. The blue background is empty, there are no geographical features shown, nor any flight data or weather. The only thing displayed are the control icons, such as zoom-in/out etc.
(I wish I could attach a screen shot but the forums do not allow that shrug )

But when I click the zoom-in button, the scale appears and I find the map centered in the ocean south-east of Africa, I assume the default 0,0 coordinates. And weather is drawn over the US. Though still no flight information drawn.

I wonder if this is just a plugin bug that was introduced a few weeks ago.
Unfortunately I cannot give you an exact date when this bug appeared because I was busy those days and left the country on a long trip and did not return until now.

Please let me know if you need any more information from me.

Please email support (flightaware.com/fix. Also, what browser are you using?