Bug in FA mapping

FA web site issue… I have noticed a bug with the plotting of routes on the map of flights. Many times for active flights, when clicking on the flight, the map defaults to the west coast of Africa. There isn’t any plotted paths. If you zoom out and find the flight, it’s in the correct area and reporting “live”. Reloading resolves this and it’s zoomed in to the correct part of the world.

The second issue is almost the same. Old flight( Example ). The maps starts in the same west Africa area, but it has an incorrectly plotted path from west Africa to the US. If you reload the page, and the incorrect plotting is gone and everything displays correctly. (The example is a 30 minute flight from KTTA to KHBI). I am 99.99999999999% sure this isn’t a case of incorrect data provided to FA. Everything points to a rendering/display issue. I didn’t take screen shots. This is the best information I can provide at this time.

It’s a 0,0 lat,lon issue – we’re working on a huge mapping infrastructure roll-out that should fix this.

Ok, thanks. Any chance you need someone to test one of the UAT antennas in NC?