Multiple issues still occuring


Hi guys,

I’m still having a few problems with the maps since everything was stirred up with the cluttering of the maps:

1- Clicking on particular blips takes me to a completely different flight. If I click on an AWE flight, the flight info page for an SWA flight comes up. This has been happening frequently. Last week I even clicked on KEWR to view their flights, and I was sent to an info page for an ASQ flight. Whats up with THAT?!

2- Still seeing a good amount of ‘ESTIMATED’ flights. I can see one or two here and there as normal, but I’m seeing more than I would consider normal.

3- Still seeing flights that lack their info tags. Some are missing their origin-destination info, some are missing their aircraft type. Again, more frequently than I was look at as normal occurances.

4- When my map is busy with flights, I’m constantly getting (anywhere from once every refresh to every 10 seconds) a box that says “stop running this script?”. I’m sure that is an issue with my computer, but just wanted to double check to see if anyone knows how I can repair this issue if the problem is on my end. I’m currnently running Windows XP (Service Pack 3) with Internet Explorer 8. I keep clicking ‘Yes’, but it continues to come back. Also tried clicking ‘No’, but no difference. I never had this problem until the new changes took effect a few weeks ago to the maps if that helps any. I’ve also used Flightaware with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9, and experienced the exact same problems, so I don’t think its a matter of XP/IE8 being out of date.

5- Still seeing aircraft blips facing the wrong direction. Shows up as if the flight is flying backwards.

6- Some flights have their info tags in reverse…meaning the origin-destination info is backwards.

7- On several occurances, I have seen flight blips disappear from the map. I scroll the map a little bit, and they sometimes reappear.

8- I’m also experiencing loading and refreshing problems with the blown-up maps. After a while the larger map stops refreshing, and I have to X it out and open a new one. Any idea what is causing this?

Thats all I can think of for now. Not trying to complain, just simply observing some issues that are still popping up, and hopefully can be taken into consideration to be fixed.