Re: New FlightAware maps -- zoom, pan, and new layers...

Using MSIE 7.0.5730.11, I repeatedly get a “Stack overflow at line 0” pop-up error window when tracking COM1293

We’re lookin’. Hard.

Just in case you need a variety of experiences for browsers.

MSIE 6.0 checked out ok on the flight - no errors
FireFox 3.0 checked out ok on the flight - no errors.

I’m not complaining - just sending an FYI :smiley:

Been trying to reproduce the problem, but haven’t seen it return - but my browser did freeze a couple of times since then - but that hasn’t happened in the last few minutes either.

Seems the problem I’m currently having now is not being able to click on the zoom options link.

I’m going to go with “User Error.”


That freezing problem happened to me in MSIE 6.0 using my own tail number, but I figured it was my outdated browser version at my location not a current problem so it may be a “break-in” the browser problem???

It was only when I entered the first time that it froze. Subsequent visits went smooth.

Okay - while my machine did not freeze hard, it did get unusably sluggish and I had to reboot. Both times happened when tracking planes about 40 to 50 miles SW of KDCA.

I was mistaken about the zoom options problem. I was trying to click on the little globe icon between the zoom in and the zoom out thinking that was the options link. Now notice the options button is the plus sign in upper right of window

Bad news! FlightAware is temporarily unavailable. :frowning:

Intermittent??? works, my tail number works

Yep - back up-n-running again

Tracking a 3rd plane now - no issues encountered with it so far.

As for the Major Airports option… is it possible to add more to the list? I know this will open the door for everyone to request every little podunk town regional to the list to the point of unusably cluttered, but the map is pretty bare in the area of WV and southwestern VA. Is it possible to add KROA and or KCRW?

I was actually able to replicate the freezing problem with your new flight, and I am willing to bet reported “freezing problems” will be Pika’s answer :slight_smile:

I tried to zoom in down to 10 KM and noticed that the teal blue background was a dark blue background and it took about 30 seconds for the teal layers in square shapes to “come in”. During this time, the browser went to a non responding state in task manager.

As I zoomed in closer and closer it would be 1/2 dark blue, 1/2 teal and that would “fill in” teal blue as the screen refreshed. The layer refresh became slower and slower as I zoomed in.

In a nutshell, the user can’t go click crazy on zooming in or rapidly pan the map as it the refresh rate will exceed their computers capability. If they don’t rush the process, I would bet the zoomable feature is stable as it comes.

And yes, please consider Needlenose’s suggestion to add more airports (city and towns would be nice) :smiley:

I don’t know if this was intended…

When I zoom in and then leave that flight (using Needlenose’s) it goes back to the last viewed state.

Would it be possible to have it default to the full flight path rather then last viewed when revisited? The way it is now, the plane is looooong down the road and all I see is the flight path in the last view rather then the airplane itself.

I use Opera 9.64 and am getting some odd white/orange square appearing in the bottom right corner of the map. When I click on it, it opens the map full screen.

Apologies for the blurryness - it’s the screenshot captor program that’s done that and doesn’t look like that in real life.

When the “Major Airports” option is selected, the airports disappear (return to default setting of deselected) when the display is refreshed.

That is an icon and it’s supposed to mean, basically, “full screen”, but it’s the worst one the artists came up with. We will be putting in a better icon shortly.

You have found a bug. Will fix shortly. Thanks for the report.

It looks like someone has cropped the bottom righthand corner out of the google ad box below it to me… :laughing:

For those that have a scroll wheel in their mouse, put your cursor in the middle of the map and you can zoom in if you roll the wheel forward or roll the wheel backward and it will zoom out.

This worked in Firefox in both the small map and the large map.

I can get that! We now have the nicer icon up. (At least I think it’s nicer!)