Flight Tracking Map Display Issues

Anyone else having issues with the airport flight tracking map? Started yesterday on my home PC (Windows XP Pro). Can get the earth view to display but not the classic (white screen instead of blue, flight descriptors show up in yellow font with no aircraft icon). Office PC (also Windows XP Pro) shows blue map, aircraft icons and tracks, but flight descriptors are not visible. Most frustrating.

my screen keeps freezing when i click out to larger area on map. I’m on Chrome and i disabled Skype as was prompted by chrome. And it still freezes, ever since they added flight descriptions all over the map. i like it, way too much clutter. very frustrating are any monitors monitoring these discussions?

Monitors watching. New clutter issue to be discussed shortly…lots of pros and cons.

Thank you for your reply i’d like to control my screen so as i can read the many listings. One be able to turn on and turn off all the flights info. when following major airports/hubs it gets very cluttered. A turn on /turn off switch if at all possible. smaller airports it works fine less clutter and you actually read the info. Thank You again

We’re deploying changes tomorrow evening that we hope will be the best of both worlds and give you more control over when and where labels show up.

I am three-and-one-half hours into tracking baw288 on 15june12 and the term:
Tenatively Arrived at gate
is still on the screen. It’s been on the screen since BEFORE the plane left Phoenix and it’s been there for quite a few days in a row before the flight lifts off from its airport of origin.

I don’t know if other flights are affected, but it seems like this phrase should appear AFTER the plane has landed at its destination. I could be wrong, though.



P.S. I like all of the other improvements, it’s just this one thing that bothers me.

Hi, I am finding that I cannot see the plane that I am tracking and no details showing. Am I doing something wrong?

Can you post the contents of Session Diagnostics - FlightAware and a screenshot of the problem?

Tried to track BAW flight from DFW to Heathrow yesterday and only got dotted line, no airplane and departure and arrival times were wrong. Trying to track BAW # 255 today from Heathrow to Zambia and getting nothing on the map except the ids for the airports. No flight data. What’s up?
I might add that I am using Firefox (Ver. 13.01).

Looking at air canada 7829 Toronto(CYYZ) To Timmins(CYTS), but seems like first it keeps saying the flight is Toronto to Kansas city, then it finally does say Toronto to Timmins…Here’s the flight map, whats up with that,lol. The flight tracking started even before the flight actually left Toronto.

I’ve been having an issue with the map, but I’m not sure if it’s by design, or a bug.

I like to have the fullscreen map open to monitor an airport’s activity. It seems that when the mouse is hovering over the active map, no flight data on the aircraft is displayed. The aircraft icons are there, but not the accompanying data. However, if I hover the mouse over the ads on the side of the screen, or outside of the active window, the flight information comes back. The problem with this is that each time the ads switch to the opposite side of the screen, I have to move the mouse over there to see the flight data again.

I really would just like to leave the map up, and not have to touch it while viewing the flight data.

So, is this an intentional design feature? The map itself works great, I just wish the data would stay displayed.

As a side note, it would also be nice to have the IFR airway route maps as a background option, as it seems to be more useful than the standard sectional chart.

This is by design. It’s a compromise between having lots of data shown at once and wanting to point at just a single flight. You will have to leave your mouse outside of the map area for it to continue cycling through labels as you’d like. I suggest clicking the reload button and then leaving the mouse there at the top. Let me know if this doesn’t work, and if so, what browser and OS you’re using.

Thank you for the reply, Lucent. In my experience, just leaving the mouse alone in one area of the screen (somewhere off map) doesn’t help. All of the flight information eventually goes away and will not come back until I move the mouse over the map, and back off again. I know I’m not accidentally bumping the mouse onto the map because it is on a completely different computer sitting static with the map up. To troubleshoot, I’ve tried with Chrome, Firefox, and IE on Mac OSX and Windows 7.

However, I will test it more thoroughly, give you my steps to reproduce, and give you browser/operating system versions. I can PM you those results as to not clutter up this forum, or hijack this thread. Does that help in any way?

Does it work for a few minutes or an hour and then stall out or get stuck? Thanks for taking the time to determine when it doesn’t work. This is actually a use case we designed for–leaving the map open and having it continually cycle through labels.

I have sent you a PM.

This is still happening, I don’t mess with the main airport map that much, but I looked at KORD just now and upon clicking the zoom out button 3 times everything stops, it’s like there is too much stuff on the map? Does it at home and at work, Firefox here and IE at work. WindowsXP

Unable to display track log on iPad Mini5. Works fine on iPhone14. What am I doing wrong?

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