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live track on map

I haven’t been to site in some time. In the past, the track of a particular flight was shown on the map. Also, when you put in an airport code, it would show all aircraft in the vacinity of the airport on the map. Am I doing something wrong, or has this info been deleted from the program?
Thanks, R. Morton

It works for me. Try clearing your browser cache.

If you zoom out too far we suppress the vicinity overflights. Browsers can’t handle too many objects on the map with decent performance.

I believe I wasn’t clear on my question of Jan 19 concerning live tracking.
What I meant to say was some time back, the map would show icons of aircraft in the airport vacinity (i.e. blue icons were local traffic and greenicons were aircraft passing ). You could type any flight, and the map would show an airplane icon along with a line tract from the departure airport to the present location of the aircraft, along with alt., airspeed,type, etc.
I assume FlightAware has changed the map and no longer shows line tracts, airplane icons, etc. Is my assumption correct?
Thansks, R. Morton, remorton@charter.net

Like I said…

If you’re looking at a single flight we absolutely show the airplane icon and track so far. Perhaps you were looking at a flight that hadn’t departed yet?

I’m having the same issue–no maps. It’s been a few months since I was on the site as well, but if I recall correctly, there should be a map displaying on the upper left side of the screen above the text listing of the flight info, or airport traffic info, etc.

No matter how I try to track (airport, specific flight # etc) I cannot see any map loading. There is an ad on the right and nothing to the left.

Sorry to be clueless, but how do I clear my cache? I did some hard drive cleanup, registered for the site, etc but still nothing. I can’t get any of the maps to load on any page, including the airport delay map, etc. Thanks.

Hi! I am trying to do a live track to embed in my site, where can I start?