Maps and Tracking not refreshing


I’ve tried multiple airports. As far as I can figure from looking at arrival times and such, looks like something broke just after midnight CDT. The maps look to be 2 and a half hours old as I type this, and nothing is refreshing, except the METARs.


We had some technical difficulties with live aircraft positions between 1 and 3am Eastern on Saturday morning. Sorry about that.


There are a few threads that seem to allude to this, but nothing on point that I can find.

Anyway, it used to be that if you asked for activity for a given airport, the map would show flights in the air in the vicinity, even though not going to/from that airport. Now, all I see on the map are flights (if any) to/from that airport, not the flyovers. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks


Click the + in the upper right corner. Do you have Vicinity checked?


Yessir “vicinity” is checked. Everything was fine until a couple days ago. Thanks

P.S. seems to be OK now. Probably my error. Thanks


The flight tracking maps are not working at all on my end. When selecting airport activity for say KJFK and looking at the map all I see are the flight info flashing all over the screen and thats it. I have everything checked in the upper right corner menu. Also when I zoom out and back in, all the airport identifiers do not readjust, so they are now out over the atlantic ocean. As of right now, the maps are totally useless.

In addtion if I try to track a specific flight from the airport activity page, upon selecting that flight, the flight info will flash on the screen at some random location on and off and thats it. Is it supposed to do this?

If I start from the main page, go the the left menu bar and use the airline flight tracker to say track Delta 1, the whole map shows up. It then displays DAL1’s info only somewhere down in South America even though the flight took off about an hour ago from JFK for LHR. Something is broke somewhere.


The airport vicinity layer automatically declutters when you zoom out far enough that there would be too many planes on screen.