Map Not Refreshing


I am having an issue with the tracking map. From a flight page, if I click the small map it opens in a new window with a larger map, but after a couple minutes it does not automatically refresh - the plane hasn’t moved. But if I go back to the main page for that flight, it has moved.

Also, in the bottom of the window of the large map image, in the internet explorer status bar area, it says “opening” like its trying to refresh but it doesn’t do it by itself like it used to. It will only refresh if I right click and select refresh.

It appears to be some kind of internet explorer browser issue, I wonder if it has to do with the google ad that appears on the left side? I dont know.



To answer your first question, press F5 (refresh key).


yeah, but the large map used to refresh on its own…I could bring up a flight and it would keep the track all the way thru the flight.



My refreshes every so often when I don’t hit F5. One of the FA staff could give you an exact time.


well, yeah, I meant not that the little plane icon continuously moves (though that would be a super cool feature!) but it used to automatically refresh every minute or when there was a new radar hit.



Ok I see what your saying now. Yeah it would be a neat feature.


Big maps should refresh every 90 seconds. If it’s not, I’d check your browser’s settings.