Refresh of the blown up map

My apologies if this has already been answered. I did review the FAQ’s and did not see anything about it. Being a software developer as well as a pilot I know how people tend not to read the manual!

Great site BTW. Keep it up!

My question might be a simple one to solve. It has to do with the blown up map image when a flight is in transit. If you type in the tail number, hit “Track Any Flight”, and then refresh some time later, the small map on the topish right will update with the current position of the aircraft. However if you had clicked on that to enlarge it will cache THAT image and forever return to it for that day and flight, even though on the smaller version you will see the updated position.

It does appear though that this is limited to the current flight leg that the aircraft is on. As soon as it starts another leg you will get another large map; but then it will keep that one.

If you clear cache and cookies in your browser, you get an updated map.

Please let me know if I am repeating things already said by others.

I can’t replicate this bug. For me the big map updates every 90 seconds while the window is open, and if I close the big window and reopen it several minutes later the aircraft has moved. Sometimes the old image is displayed for a moment while the new image is fetched, but never for more than about 5 seconds. It could be a problem with your browsers caching; try forcing a complete reload of the map window (ctrl-shift-r in most browsers) and see if the big map updates.

OK That’s interesting. I wonder if it has to do with an older browser version or something of the sort.

If I pull up the large map and let it sit for a couple of minutes it will update. I see that now after your suggestion. If I close it right after looking at it and then click on the small map to pull it up again it will stay the same as it was.

I didn’t get a chance to try the short cut key - wanted to try the “leave it on your screen” first.

What I did see initially was that there was no way to refresh the big screen via right mouse or menu option once it existed in the popup that comes up when you click the small map.

I do have several computers I can try; the one I used for this test was NT 4.0 with IE 5.5.

More to come, thanks for the quick response.

If I didn’t make it clear in the last message this (free) service is invaluable to anyone who knows anyone who might possibly be flying in any way shape or form. I have been forwarding it to everyone I know in hopes you guys make a success of it because I want it to be around.