Difficulty with Big Map


I know that this problem is not limited to FlightAware as I have it on other programs as well, but I thought that maybe someone here might have a helpful suggestion for me. When I left click on the small airport map to enlarge it, it enlarges but it immediately collapses back to the small map. Sometimes I can capture the big map by right clicking on it when it appears briefly but I know this is not the way it should work. Any thoughts?


What browser are you using and what version?


Sounds like you have some very aggressive popup blocking software. Try disabling your popup blockers and see if the problem persists.


As both, Messrs Baker and Duell, responded in quick order - and I really appreciate that - I’ll answer both of your questions here. I use Internet Explorer Version 6 and I have already tried disabling my pop-up blocker without success.

I haven’t taken the opportunity to tell you before but I’ll do it now. I love your site! Please keep up the great work!


When you say that it collapses back down to the small map, do you mean that the pop-up window stays open but displaying the smaller map that is identical to the one on the original page? Or the pop-up window closes entirely?


The pop-up window opens very briefly, like maybe 1 second, usually less, and then it closes entirely, going back to the original page with the small map and the flight listings that I came from.

While I certainly appreciate your help in this matter, please don’t feel obligated in any way to solving it. I know that it is not a FlightAware problem per se but, rather, a computer problem here at my end. It’s probably just an elusive, but simply corrected, setup anomaly or memory limitation in my system.


That really sounds like an overzealous popup blocker to e. It seems like every program (web browser, antivirus, antispyware, etc) includes their own popup blocker, so perhaps you have another one running that you don’t know about.