feature working?



Just joined, can someone help me understand exactly what I should see?
(and, yep, I am logged into the flight tracker part and not the forum when I have these problems)

  1. I set two airports in my profile when I registered, but I can’t see where there are any links to automatically monitor them.

  2. When I enter a field ID, I get a small view of the traffic stats and to its right a small tracking window. Is it that small tracking window that should update every few minutes?

  3. I notice when I click on the smaller window a larger map shows up, but it appears to be a static picture rather than an updating map. Does that lerger on update?

  4. When I entered a flight (tail number), I get a nice plot of the flight with time remaining, etc, but after a few minutes, it never updated (until I hit the MS IE6 refresh button). Is that the way it’s supposed to work?

I really like the site but am not confident I am actually getting any real tracking at this point because of the refresh issues.

Thanks for any help,


Hi and welcome to FlightAware.

To montor airports you have listed in your profile, click on the My FlightAware link near the top right of your screen.

Both the big map and smaller map on the airport activity page should reload automatically, at 90 and 310 second intervals respectively. I understand that some browser settings can prevent the reload, but I couldn’t track those down when I quickly Searched the forums.

Have fun!

  1. There is a link (small but it is there) that says “My FlightAware” at the top right. It is under the Q/A and Cool Merchandise links. That will bring up a screen that will show any saved airports and N-numbers you may want to keep an eye or two on.

  2. The entire screen will update ever so often (I will let Daniel and crew give you the exact refresh time) and you will notice a change in the traffic, especially under the “Scheduled Departures” and “Enroute” areas. I really never look at the small tracking screen, but I think it does update.

  3. The larger map does update automatically. If you have that annoying clicking noise turned on, if you wait a few minutes, you will randomly hear it…speaking of, mine just did.

  4. See answer to #3

Welcome to FA!!! Make sure (for your safety…this is a joke, as you soon learn, there are a bunch of smart asses on here, but they usually know their stuff) you read the FAQs. This will answer about 85%, maybe more, of your questions before you start really getting into posting. Judging from your first post, you have done this…we like you already!! :slight_smile: (there is my emoticon quota for the week)


On the top right corner click on My FlightAware for your airports and flights that you want to track. The map of the airport update every few minutes or so, same with the flight that you track. tell me what the airport and flight number is so I can see. WELCOME TO FLIGHTAWARE. :smiley:





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Thank you, all, for allowing me to say: “There’s a FAQ to read. There’s all of the forum topics to read. Most, if not all, of your questions would have been answered.”

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Thanks for the warm welcome, glad to be part of it all. I appreciate the guidance and I see how to access these features now. :smiley: