Refresh rate/speed


I have only recently started to get acquainted again with Flight Aware after some absence. It seems like when I was here before and went to the page where you can watch the travels of the aircraft as they approach/depart a particular airport or whichever you choose now…That you would see the little aircraft icons move their position on the map background about every three or eight seconds…some quick time like that…Now it seems like its only every one minute or more!..Did you change something since I last was using the site or is there some area on the site where I can adjust refresh rates?? Or do you think this is a setting problem on my own computer?
Are the plane icons supposed to change position every 3 to 8 seconds?? as they seemed to do in the past?
I understand of course that I am looking at a delayed actual position of maybe 5 or 10 minutes, but the lack of movement has made it less than exciting to watch…