Aircraft Movement on Maps

I have been tracking a few airports flights tonight, and noticed that unlike before the aircraft continually move. Before thy were static, and only changed position on the map when it updated every few minutes. Is this a new feature, or am I just seeing things?

No, you’re nothing seeing things! You caught a secret glimpse at a very exciting new feature. We’re currently only testing it intermittently on airport pages, but you should see it everywhere in the next week or so.

Cool!! Im excited!!!

This IS a very cool feature!! I noticed for a few minutes last night that a few flights flying local were also in motion, that weren’t flying into my airport. I haven’t yet seen that on the blown-up map. Will ALL aircraft icons (both the blue AND green icons) be in motion as you guys tune the program?

Also, I noticed that since the flights are now moving across the map, they have become more delayed than before. I am in Philadelphia (PHL) and I noticed some flights are over 40 miles ahead of the maps current refresh, where a few days ago they were within 5 miles. Is this a bug thats being worked out?


Yeah, I noticed the same thing. There do seem to be flights that are more delayed than before.

Yes, all displayed aircraft are eligible for movement.

40 miles is about the norm for our North American coverage; 500 mph with the FAA-imposed 5 minute delay is about 40 miles.

The animation adds 2-60 seconds of delay depending on what coverage area you’re in.

So ALL aircraft that is slowly moving like on normal radars are really 99% Accurate positions?!

What altitude does Flight Aware start tracking?
I’ve notices short lines on the screen, out in the middle of no where, when viewing certain types of planes. Esp small aircraft.

Is it possible that this new software upgrade to, will also be done to the mobile apps?

I also noticed that since the animation of aircraft, the airplane icons on most flights are facing upwards, instead of the direction in which they are flying. It seems to be with flights that are still a considerable distance from their origin/destination. Flights closer to home look OK.

Anyone else experience this?


Yes I know the same thing when I look at the maps.

Now I don’t see any overflights (green icons).


Yes i have experienced this quite a lot.
Hopefully Flightaware will fix this.

“Yes i have experienced this quite a lot.
Hopefully Flightaware will fix this.”

I’m sure they will fix it. Since the animation of flights is a brand new thing, bugs probably still have to be worked out, as is with anything new. Luckily FA is open to reports of bugs found by its users. We’ll just have to submit a report on a bug as we see it.


Tracking by airport has really changed. You used to be able to see all aircraft enroute or that departed from a airport for several hundred miles and see all other aircraft flying in the area. Now you only see some aircraft.

I’ve noticed this too since the animation features went into effect.


There’s been no change to either of those. You can show/hide inbound/outbound/vicinity aircraft via the (+) menu. The total number of aircraft displayed at once is limited to about 200 due to browser performance limitations.

No matter what airport code I put in I am only seeing no more then 6 or 8 aircraft. How do look at at alot of aircraft not departing or arriving at the specific airport but overflying above. At CLE for example I would see more then 100 of these aircraft.

I have on JFK radar JBU31 routing KJFK-KMCO climbing through FL219 speed 329 heading south.
The trail line behind the aircraft is facing the correct path of travel, but the aircraft icon is facing upwards i.e. due north.
Are Flightaware planning to fix the bug that shows aircraft facing upwards?
Very happy otherwise with the Flightaware airport radars.

I’ve noticed this issue as well, and has been doing so since the flights became animated a few weeks ago. Only seems to do it with flights that are enroute/departing to the airport that you’re tracking traffic from (the blue aircraft icons, not the green ones)