Flights not moving on live map


Lately, over the past three days or so, when I track a flight, the image of the flight on the map works for about 10 minutes, then just stays in that position. The speed and altitude change correctly and I can see in the track log the coordinates are changing correctly. It stays like this until about 10 minutes outside of the flight’s destination, then it “jumps” to that position and works fine. This is happening more often than not and various flights and airports. Any ideas?


***That happens to me every so often and it seems they stop moving the farther away they get from KMSP. Maybe it takes awhile for the system to catch up the farther away a flight gets from from it’s starting point? Just a guess. ***


Could you tell us more about the planes stopping moving? Is this on a map for an entire airport, an individual flight, or both?

Do you think you could catch it in the act? If so, please post a URL of it happening and more details and I’ll get a reply immediately and investigate that particular airport or flight.


The origin of this problem was found and will be fixed shortly.


***As of 6pm 4-30-2012 my Map of KMSP is all screwed up. Planes are pink and piled on top of each other, something is wrong with Flightaware tonight. ***


I saw that on the west coast too. Fortunately all the flights were only in the estimated mode for a few minutes.


If you ever see planes piling on top of each other, please take a screenshot. We haven’t been able to reproduce that here and are very curious as to what’s going on.

Is what you’re seeing all the planes being in estimated mode, and then reaching the airport and not landing?


What I saw was every airplane on the map in estimated mode but bunched up over about half the screen. After the next update they were still in the estimated mode but on a different part of the map. I was scrolled out quite a bit, SFO, LAX and out to PHX. After one or two more updates things were back to normal.