maps stuck on data from 9 hours ago

so, it’s just afternoon over here in paradise while the rest of you sleep. Turned on my computer and of course the first thing I do is bring up FA. :slight_smile:

I see that some poor schmuck is flying from Bakersfield (a good thing) over to SBP at 1AM. Ok, go off and do emails etc., come back about an hour later and he’s still there. Hasn’t moved. refresh, refresh with shift key. still there. expand map and now I see there are a bunch of overflights and not one but two aircraft inbound. Do some checking and see that the list data, arrived, departed etc. are correct but the map data is 9 hours old. Tried a different airport, same thing.
That’s it. Think I’ll go to the gym.

John in Saudi

Have same issue. Aircraft on my map have been stalled for several hours.

I have noticed the same thing. Example: MES 3273 PIA - MSP stuck over CID at 1315 Z. Did the same last night.

I cleared my history, temporary files, updated Java, then re-booted. No dice.

Seems to be OK now.

Sorry about that guys. It has been resolved now.

Works fine, Thanks

I am glad it was not on my end, had me quite confused.