No Flight Tracking!!


No flight tracking at all!!


Care to expand on this statement? I’m having no problems at all. Can you be a little less vague and give us some airport, flight, tail # information?


Everything is fine here except that the map of the airborne aircraft is not showing any aircraft.


I noticed that, but I thought the FA staff was being funny and doing that as a tribute to JetBlue and all their cancellations.



Are you sure everything is ok? I have checked a few different flights, and I noticed that the flight tracks are stuck sometime just before 7am central time. Take a look at the airport status page, and everything says delayed. Something is definitely not right.


We’re working on the outage.


I looked at airports in my are (KTUL) and I now (didn’t when I got to work) have the delayed messages, but the “big board” at TUL says the flights have departed.

I looked at LAX and there are the normal “no recent positions” for the incoming international, Hawaii, and Alaska flights.

OK, something be up… (bad English intentionally used)