Can I make it refresh faster.


I work for a dispatch company and we have planes land at my airport and 5min s later your tracker showes it can I refresh quicker. :imp:


I’m sure you check the FAQ above, but in case you didn’t - there is a 6 minute delay per FAA requirements.


I did not know that should have checked the FAQ on that but that explains alot. But some flight tracker programs are on time explain that .


They’re not. They’ve all got a delay of around 5 minutes, minimum. If you disagree, please post the tracking site web address and evidence!


Realtime feeds without the 5 minute delay are possible, but redistribution of that informating is severely limited. At the present time we don’t have the infrastructure in place to handle the paperwork involved with providing those of you who are eligible with a realtime feed.

Please don’t type in all caps.


I have a tracking program that we use at central dispatch called flight explorer professional for pilot brief vector 4.02 it is in realtime, or most of the time. But your program is better because I can track the flights that any one of my pilots do by thier flight number.thank you for this handy tool. I just wished it would refresh faster thats all. :smiley:


Flight Explorer Professional costs you $$$$. Flight View is free. How do you compare that?


Flight Explorer Professional is geared towards the organization that has the need and has completed the proper paperwork and paid the BIG bucks.

FlightAware is geared to the people that actually enjoy aviation as a hobby and it doesn’t matter if the data is a few minutes old.


What is this flightview anyways? I thought this place was called flight aware.


A google search should bring up flightview pretty easily, go to if you’re interested but I think you will like Flight Aware better.