Kick the tires and light the fires!!!


… and get things rolling faster!!!
well I was wondering is there any way to get the “live” part of the flight tracking map more “live”?
Such as a 1 min delay or less? As of right now its a 5+ min delay.
You see im a aviation photographer and I need to see whats coming, not what already went over my head. :wink:
anyways… this is a great site!!!
Keep up the good work!!!



We are required by FAA mandate to ensure that the data is not released to the public without the delay that you’re experiencing.


That not good (for me at least).
well it is for the safety, so thats all right.
I seen other flight trackers were they are live, with no delay, but you have
to pay for them. I dont have extra money to throw around.
Thanks for the VERY fast reply!!!
Keep up the good work.


I wish we could help. However, I highly doubt that there are any flight tracking providers that are offering real time data for free or for a fee to the general public. Only airport and aircraft operators are allowed to have this data. This is not a FlightAware-specific requirement.