live radar and scanner


i came across this online. its live scanner atc and the atc radar for atlanta. very awesome site!


Read the asterisk: "Audio and Video is delayed about 5 minutes in accordance with United States Federal Regulations. "

A better site with more ATC on it is


thnx for link, i feel dumber than dirt bout 5 min delay lol i didnt even notice it.


That Atlanta delay should fit in pretty well with the FA delay though. Should give a close to “real” time feel when tracking flights at 'lanta. I’m anxious to try it when I find some time. Thanks for the link!


Get your self a (frequency) scanner from radio shack or best buy…etc
As soon as the atc says something, you hear it. Thats about how close to live your going to get :smiley:
(works awsome for spotting)