Idea: Vista Sidebar with LiveAtc and Flightaware combined.

I just had a incredible idea! (In my mind) I run Windows Vista and use the sidebar a lot. My idea is to incorporate FlightAware and LiveAtc.
I’ll explain. I think to be able to put your favorite aiports in the box and then it show the numbers of arrivals and departures and maybe a metar. Then just click on them to pull up the audio from liveatc and maybe send you to flightaware with the arrivals and departures for that airport on the page.
Let me know what everyone else thinks, and if anyone has experience with making these PM me. I’m going to try to do it, but we will see.

One problem would be the delay factor. Live ATC would be that - live. FlightAware, due to FAA regulations, is delayed by 6 minutes.

There have been many people who have talked about using LiveATC and FA together, but I think the two don’t fit well.

Why not? What’s stopping the developers?

Like Dami said above, synchronization.

I’m not thinking of this as a critical situation, just the overall picture. So what if it is 6 or 7 minutes off. All arival times are subject to change constantly. Just to be able to see that there is 10 arrivals in the next 30 minutes or so. Just to be able to get the big picture of whats going on then click your favorite and listen in, in my mind would be good enough. If we are all worried about seeing it live then go pay huge bucks for a program that will show you that. All these services are free, so you can expect some things to not be perfect.

I understood what he said but that still isn’t much of an excuse. If the time of delay is standard on all of the LiveATC feeds, synchronization can be done. Maybe not down to the second but at least within 15 or 30 seconds.

Hmm, not sure I would like to watch football with the audio 15 to 30 seconds ahead of the action, and that is what you are suggestiong.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.


LiveATC is live. There is no delay. It is FlightAware that is delayed by 6 minutes.

Please note, Dami’s post appears to be in error.

Please see the FAQ on the live ATC site at … 001.0.html

Per FAQ at the LiveATC site, typically, there is a 5 to 7 second delay.


Guess I just keep making your day, Allen, what with be being wrong on everything. LiveATC is live; the only delay - and a very minor one at that - is caused by the Internet, not the scanners used. By the way, quote the whole thing or nothing at all. You left out “Your mileage may vary.”

You wouldn’t say talk radio isn’t live, would you? Yet, they also have a few seconds delay. In other words, a 5-7 second delay is basically the same thing as being live.

I am making an early New Year’s Resolution to all of the people on FlightAware. I will not be led into fruitless discussions from someone who thinks, because he is a retired government worker, knows everything and is so damn legalistic about it. In other words, I won’t reply anymore to Allen.

When you post accurate information, you won’t hear a peep out of me. The people you respond to deserve nothing less then that. Enough said on this item.

It appears that Dami’s post has inaccurate information as radio station / TV station delays vary by more then a “few seconds” per reference below. … 209AAbxylv

For more references, google fcc seven second delay is what I used to come up with the above reference.

It’s up to the radio and TV station to what delay factor they want built in their broadcasts as there is no FCC regulation per above reference.

That delay is built in for possible censorship of words or actions that may go against FCC regulations.

So, in essence, when listening to live radio or live TV, you don’t know how long the delay of the signal transmission may be based on reading the above reference. It could be 7 seconds, it could be 30 seconds.

With todays “liability” issues, I would be amazed if any radio talkshow or live TV program broadcasts in real time (no delay).


I can see how this is going no where… Thanks anyway.

As I said earlier I wasn’t looking for a “live down to the second” representation of what was going on. Just a general idea of what was scheduled in and out and how many.

Dami, I am right with you on your bottom paragraph.

where there is a Damiross posting a Lieberma posting is sure to follow…and vice versa. Honestly you two, what is with this brinksmanship Alpha male nonsense?? I dont normally rise to the bait of you kicking off but how about some new year resolutions of a positive nature…

Re the sidebar I feel it has some merit albeit two distinct products with particular restrictions but IMHO being a long distance viewer I find simply two tabs with FA and Live Atc side by side work just as well and give a good/fair representation of the traffic until something calls on Live and I cant see it on FA!
Yikes, the ol’ NBAArrr issue yet again - drat!
I notice the Live feeds vary on the feeder being available to pipe into the net (or having no batteries for their scanner) whereas FA is 24/7/365
If you want an instant hit on local info why not try Mode S tracking equipment? Thats real time.


I think the exchanges can be entertaining. Whenever you’re not in the mood to watch the “tennis match”, it is simple enough to ‘change the channel’ and just skip those posts.

More importantly, I think Alan provides a benefit when he challenges any of us on whether our posts are correct. From the large number of times that he has shown Dami’s ‘facts’ to be an opinion that is at odds with the facts, it has usually proven useful. Otherwise we would all have misleading information.

Now if there were a way to cause a 6 minute delay to liveATC… I know, It wouldn’t be “live”… But it would fit!
Maybe we should write a letter?

Is there something HUGE that I am missing. All I ever do with FA is look at the aircraft coming and going and what time. Most of the time to go do some photo work. Thats it. I honestly never look at the radar and could care less about there being a 6 minute delay.

2point10: Thanks for having a positive spin on this post istead of all the lame other people slamming it over a lame delay, that can only find negatives in whatever they look at.

What has this come to? Someone has a somewhat good idea, and no one offers any type of “Maybe this, or this” All they can find is someway to make them look smarter than the other person with useless knowledge.

…and that is all I use FA for too, to track a/c of interest to me.

Your (incredible) idea does have some merit, the use of the sidebar is a new twist on an old theme that has been discussed before and I’m sure some product intergration could (should?) take place…but to date it hasnt nor have many other ideas that could have been done (e.g links to for piccies every time you click a tail number).

Maybe the respective sites want to remain standout standalone sites doing what they do well, surely linking into many other sites can cause the problem of being oversized & cumbersome and potentially not up to date?

Maybe it’s too much work for something of perceived little benefit. Note - many good suggestions have been implemented (look at all the early posts on how about/what if etc etc)and maybe yours will get taken up…in time. If it does, come back and claim the glory.


Is this what you had in mind?