Air Traffic Control

Could flight aware maybe link to the airport activity. It would be cool to hear the air traffic control while tracking flights. I understand that FlightAware’s data is generally 5 minutes late so maybe there could be an attempt to sync it. LiveATC is an awesome site also seeing how you can listen to the tower. I hope FlightAware takes this into consideration!

I voted no because I think there’s more pressing items that should be done first.

  • An easier way of going between tail numbers of airlines that report tail numbers and the corresponding flights
  • A better forum program
  • Sortable Airline/Fleet Flight Tracker
  • Improve the sorting feature for the departures, scheduled departures, enroute scheduled, and arrivals on the airport pages (e.g. the narrow down to a particular aircraft or operator)

Yes, I agree with all of those things and would love to see them but I still think the ATC would be an awesome addition along with the issues you brought up.

I don’t know if you need to link them. I have them both running most of the time and even I don’t need a link to do that!

You’re going to have to change the TSA’s mind before you can sync them. I agree there are plenty more practical things to get done first.

I vote YES!!

**but only if I can do it on my Blackberry, Ipad, girlfriends I-Phone, laptop & the aircraft MFD all at the same time while giving a “multimedia” presentation in the back of the airplane with a handheld device and the flight attendant. Then when I’m done I’ll have a cup of coffee and ask myself why Apple didn’t make printing from the Ipad seamless
OOoooww… Sorry wrong thread. :blush:


I have to go with porterjet on this one. How hard is it to bring up LiveATC in another tab and find the airport you need and start the stream?
Except for the missing airports, etc.

But if you were going to do it, it would make more sense to be able to also tie in ARTCC as well, if you’re really serious about tracking a flight via radar and communications.

There’s also the fact that LiveATC doesn’t cover every airport.