ATC and LIVETracking

it will be a great resource if we can have the services of ATC(live links) accompaning the tracker spacialy here in the north east,Is it posible that it could happend?

You mean live audio feeds of ATC? If that is what you mean then you can just go to

to norrow,the feed are not complete for NY center or atlantic east center,thats not what i meant

Then what exactly do you mean? You aren’t explaining yourself very well.

To have an ATC feed on the internet, you have to have someone physically within range of the signal receive the signal and stream it onto the internet. You can’t just automatically get a stream over the internet.

What I tell others about FlightAware applies to other sites, also. Read the FAQs and you will know why it’s “to norrow” (which I take is suppose to be "too narrow).

I honestly had no clue what he (or she) was trying to communicate.

I find it hard to use when a few of the ones that i have tried i have trouble connecting to then when i get connected i dont hear a dang thing…like tonight i was tryign to listen to KSAN on there but i wasnt getting anything and i have highspeed internet, and they said that the feed was up, but still nothing, i am not likeing this very well. now if Flightaware was able to set a feed up at airport towers, that would be cool, yeah i know it would cost alot but think of how much more people would use there site

Having that on here would not necessarily fix your “computer trouble.”

Do you believe in FAQs, LoyalExpert? If so, read the ones at LiveATC and your gripes will be answered.

Yesterday, I listened to SFO for over 8 hours. No problem. I’ve listened to other feeds for hours and had no problem. The problem is more than likely in your computer. Have you checked to see if you have set your speakers to mute?

FlightAware is a tracking site, not a listening site.

Or maybe a firewall is blocking it. I know sometimes when I click the link to listen to the feed I have to connect several times because in the windows media player it says this sometimes.

(Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the server is not responding. If you entered a URL or path to play the file, verify that it is correct. If you clicked a link to play the file, the link may not be valid.)

Now I don’t understand why it does this because sometimes it will work without a hitch.

The LiveATC link to SAN has been down for the last month, at least. I link it through RealAudio when it is up, but it has been down more than up for some time. I’m not surprised you didn’t hear anything. Try SFO. Why does no one stream LAX? (and lots of other places where you would think there are lots of folks listening?). -N0AAA / near CID

It would be cool to listen to ATC communications with the aircraft. I’d like flightaware to do that

According to the Questions/Answers link, AVAILABLE on every page in FlightAware, there is a delay in displaying the data. So, there would be a delay between what you are hearing and what you are seeing.

Why not listen to With Firefox and Internet Explorer and other browsers, you can have FlightAware in one window or tab and LiveATC in another window. That, to me, is the best way to go.

Yes, you can play the feed from via media player or even itunes, then minimize it and pull up FA. If I can do it, there’s definitely a low degree of difficulty involved.

Line ATC now has KBWI feeds. One of the feeds is the tower, but beside it there is also a listing of other frequencies. I understand most of them, but one is designated “Westminster Five Arrival:123.825”. Two questions: What is Westminster Five Arrival and since I live in the Westminster area, could I tune up that frequency on a scanner & listen in?

Yes, you can listen to that frequency with a scanner.

I tried and Flight aware, and it seems cool. There is a little delay, but it was fun listening to the ATC guys in JFK tower while watching the planes come in on radar.