live atc


computer crashed recently,lost everything.
had in my favorites,a site that i could listen to atc at any airportin usa.
please help if you can.


Live ATC is what you want. It’s not for every airport in the USA but selected ones only.

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My computer crashed recently and I ,lost everything. I
had in my favorites, one of which was a site that i I could listen to ATC at any airport in the USA.
Please help if you can.


I love you man.



Ya know, b4 cutting down on someone, what makes you think English was the original posters native language?

We are posting on a flight tracking website that goes outside the English speaking world AND outside the boundaries of the great US of A.



found it thks.don’t understand about colors,remember i,m a newbie.



So if the guy’s native language is not English then I am helping him to learn the language better. If his native language is English, then I am helping him to learn his native language better. A win-win situation!


What I was trying to point is that correct grammar is important. It has nothing to do with being a newbie.



He says he is from PA, USA. (LBE)


How come not all airports have live atc feeds Burlington use to have one but I lost were it was. Also Nashville doesn’t have one and thats a pretty big airport. Does anyone know if BNA will have a live atc feed anytime soon???


Now Nitro… You been in these forums loooooooong enuf.

Did you visit the site and read the FAQ.

I bet you will find the answer there! I did!



Nitro, it’s typically not the airport (or the FAA) that supplies the feed. Most often, it’s an individual with an aviation-band receiver and a computer/communication link capable of uploading a feed to a server (like The feed host server (e.g., has enough bandwidth to allow hundreds of internet listeners to link to it simultaneously.

Look at the home page and you’ll find this “ad”:


Feeder Sites

If you are within 20 miles of an airport and have a police scanner or any airband-capable scanning receiver, please consider becoming a feeder site.

It is what it is – volunteers feeding their radio signals into a server – so that you can hear what they hear.

One reason airports don’t supply feeds directly is, I think, that their security people tell them it may help terrorists. On the other hand, several airports show webcams, for instance,

Figure that out.


Still doesn’t mean English is his native language.

One would think that Latrobe PA isn’t exactly a place immigrants would flock to and English would be his native language, but you know what assume means…



Even when I have a day off from school I still learn something new. I did not know that it is someone with a scanner sending the feed.


Don’t you just hate that! Imagine - learning something on a day off from school! :slight_smile:


no not at all. Because if I learn something that is something that I can use then I will bring it up and act like i’m the shit for saying something smart. :laughing:


I was being facetious. In other words, I think it’s great to learn something new everyday, especially when you are not in school. I haven’t been in school in over 30 years and I’ve learned more than I ever did in school.


As much as I want to get out of school I will miss it. But I look forward to learning things that they don’t care to teach you in school. Just got back from a nice long duck hunt on Lake Champlain in the cold wind and freezing rain. My face looks like this :blush: Oh and for all of you guy out there thinking to yourselves where Nitro has been, it was football but it is over now so there will be more of me on here. :smiley:


I just read through some old post about ATC and read what I wrote. I was an A$$hole to people :blush: . ANYWAYS what do people use to run with??? I use Windows Media Player but lately it has worked. What I mean is I will listen to is and then it stops the feed, or even better it won’t let be play it because it doesn’t recognize it. It never use to do this. So what do other use.




I find Winamp more reliable than WMP.