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Ok I have a few Q’s for anyone out there. Is there a way that you can listen to just 1 aircraft that way I know whats going on? And I can’t find a internet feed of the BNA ATC does anyone know of any? Right now i’m listening to EWR but it’s not making much scense to me, I don’t do this much with big airports I have only done this with BTV so I can pick up whats going on with the departures and arrives.

You have to listen to all the traffic on one particular frequency, there is no way to hear just one particular one. Listen for the callsign if you are looking for one.

What part of the conversations aren’t making sense?

I am going to go with no because aircraft don’t have their own specific frequency. Unless you have one hell of a filter, you can’t listen to just one aircraft on ATC.

They don’t have “ignore” buttons in the real ATC world.

Most of the feeds are operating off a scanner set to hit a range of “interesting” frequencies. I suppose the cost is prohibitive to have a seperate scanner set to the varied frequencies that are/could be in use.

Since the scanner might be off freq when your target craft transmits, you often miss some of the conversation.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area where you can receive ATC comms, you can get an air band radio (radio shack used to have a lilttle transister model that covered 118-128 that I used to listen to CVG approach on.

You have to remember that approach and departure control around a larger airport is split into many sectors. Each sector has its own frequency and that frequency is a like a party line with many airplanes actively moving through the airspace. So when you listen to a single frequency, you only get a small idea of what kind of traffic is moving through that sector. As Newark said, the only way to listen to one aircraft is to follow its callsign, but as it transitions through different sectors it will be changing frequencies, so you would have to change also, which is virtually impossible with a handheld scanner on the ground.

Well, not necessarily. I have everything from EWR clearance delivery to initial approach programmed into my scanner, and I routinely follow aircraft from first contact over PA to right over TEB, when they are cleared to land, and usually when I lose the signal.

If you don’t live near an airport, program some of the ARTCC frequencies in; those can be interesting at times also. Here is a pretty comprehensive list.

It just hard to listen to the traffic because it gets cut off or its all static. But I understand what eveyone is telling me about the ATC and everything so THANKS for clearing it up for me. Now for my second Q does anyone know where I can get an Online feed of BNA ATC??? It would be great if you do know. :smiley:

ALSO do the aircraft use the flight number like COA1176 is one thats enroute to EWR??

Yeah, the new EWR feed doesn’t gave the best reception. That’s why I still stick to my scanner.

If it’s not on LiveATC, then I don’t know any off the top of my head. Try Google.

It is always + .

So the above would be “Continental eleven seventy-six,” and something like BA184 would be “Speedbird one eighty-four heavy.”

Thanks yup EWR is hard to hear so I switched to MCO and I understand it A LOT easier now and it’s actually fun to listen to when you know whats going on.

KSFO is a fun one to listen to.

Are the tail numbers the same as the flight number. See I guess I want to find the flight on Ex. JBU59 I just tracked and listen to on mco. But I want to know if there is a way that I could find that same plane on airliners, not just any JetBlue A320 even though they look the same. So would there be a way to look for that or any other flights on or even

You could search on an ACARS site such as this one to see if it has that flight’s tail number. But no, the flight number/callsign has nothing to do with the registration of that particular aircraft.

Ok I found the plane on the website you gave me. Now is there a way that I could type that in on airliners or jetphotos so I could find the picture of it??? This is the number that I got “N590JB”

Just type that registration into the photo search at, press enter, and…



Ok I want to find the number for this flight on the spotters website you gave me but I can’t find it, does it not know all of them?? NWA861

It relies on ACARS data, which are data transmissions, usually between the aircraft and the ground. They have people submitting the recordings from all over, but not all flights show up. One of their ACARS messages must be picked up in order for it to appear.

Oh so is there another website like that. If you don’t know what would you suggest me to type in on google??

That’s the only one I know of.

Try the following

atc radio live “nashville airport” tennessee

You can also try combinations such as

atc live “nashville airport”