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Listening to air traffic control

How many folks here on the discourse also listen to air traffic control?

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I do from time to time.


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I listen to YSBK from NYC when I get homesick.

I am next to the Hudson River VFR corridor. I can listen to it on a scanner or aviation handheld.

Sometimes I listen to a new tower before I visit the airport. When I did IFR training, we would practice in the Sim before shooting the actual approach.

Google Earth is also nice for getting a sight picture for unfamiliar airports. Just remember that it can be years old.

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I did in the past, but YOW is too boring for that.:wink:


I’ll listen to LiveATC when I go to watch planes land at a local airport. I also plan to setup a LiveATC station at a small airport with an ADS-B Raspi and use the ADS-B data to trigger a tweet when planes are inbound so I can listen to / watch those aircraft land.


I want to set up a live feed but I looked into it but process to compile it is too much for me

Look at this one, see if it helps:

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I may try that route when I get home

That sounds interesting.