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Best Plugins/Addons and Next Steps

Hi Everyone,
I have installed a bunch of great plugins/addons, but I am looking for some other cool additions to make to my PiAware even better. So please recommend away!

Already installed:
FlightRadar24 Feeder
Plane Finder Feeder
Radarbox Feeder
Dump1090 3D Viewer
Dataplicity.io (for WLAN management)
fa-grafana (just starting to play with this)

Setup: RPi4 with PiAware 3.8.1 on rooftop with PiAware antenna. In general I am happy with my reception

Also considering capturing audio from nearby DCA airport but I know that will require another dongle.

Well done, you seem to be receiving more than your immediate neighbours on flightaware.

To listen to Air Traffic Control online you can go to WDCA and pick one of the streams.

Usually the Pi running dump1090 is not in a convenient location to provide audio for ATC.

Using the same dongle you would use on a Pi you could plug it into a PC and run (free) software like SDRSharp (also known as SDR#) available here. Just add an antenna cut for about 120 MHz.

Have fun,


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