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Air Traffic audio feeding from a Pi3B

Is it possible to feed ATC audio from a Pi3B? my second Pi uses ACARSDECO2 one the first RTL and the second RTL is open for use.

This site does it.
https://www.liveatc.net/ There is more info in the forums https://forums.liveatc.net/

A quick google finds this

and this

check out github

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Looks like I have alot of reading to do.

The easiest way, I think:

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Interesting. What I have is a Pi3b with two RTL-SDR V3 installed. one run ACARSDECO2 and the other is free to use. They are serialized. I figured that I could share audio via the unused dongle as long as the ACARSDECO2 dongle is not disturbed.

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Keep in mind you will need a different antenna than the one used for ADS-B. So instead of 1090 MHz it needs to be able to receive 118 to 136 MHz. Also the antenna needs to be placed up as high as possible.

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Yes, I know that. I have a dedicated antenna running ACARS and split between both RTL devices.