Just Curious?


Is their any Delta OOC on anyof there planes? What about NOC?


What about taking an extra second to tell us what NOC and OOC are?
OOC= Out Of Character?
NOC= Network Operations Center?


NNC-New, new colors. Which is the current scheme.
NOC-New, old colors. The colors in between these two.
OOC-Old, Old colors. Which were the colors from the 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s and possibly present day.

Do you get the idea?


Yea, I “get it”, but it’s stupid.

Let me guess, those are contractions used by virtual airline and flight sim guys.


no, i’m sure if you search around you might find those terms in the posts. I’m sure you also look at airliners.net and I know there mentioned there!!!

Now if you would like, help out with my question. I answered yours!


I cannot answer your question.
The only other time OOC has been used in this forum was by you, in March. NOC has never been used. Wikipedia does not list your definitions for OOC nor NOC.
I can, though, help out with your grammer. You should really look into the differences between:
There. Like "there it is."
Their. The plural possessive. Like "their new, old colors."
They’re. Contraction of “they” and “are” like “I know they’re mentioned there”


I didn’t think you would get all hardcore with it. So thank you for putting the effort and trying to help me answer my question. And thank you for correcting my grammer. What a nice person you are to help me. Now you should help the other millions of people with simple “typing to fast grammer problems.” Are you a teacher by chance?


Typing TOO fast has nothing to do with it; it’s laziness and ignorance.
Thats not the point really, I do not have the answer to the aircraft livery question, and the “just curious” subject title wasn’t helpful. If I had known that was the subject which I know nothing about I wouldn’t have bothered responding. Not knowing what OOC and NOC was I was compelled to find out more info.
I shall step aside.
“Does anyone know if Delta has anycraft currently flying in older liveries or a recently repainted “heritage” livery? I’ve searched the forums and have found no similar topic”


I both of you guys were typing too fast because you both spelled grammar with “er” not “ar”. But it’s fine by me I can read it fine with it spelled “er” of “ar”.


In afarr’s defense, I have seen NOC, NNC, and OOC used before, and have used the acronyms myself.


No, but I can vouch for the fact that his dad is a real ballbuster when it comes to correct spelling and grammar!! (You’re the best, JHEM! :smiley: ) It’s unfortunate that there aren’t more people like that nowadays, with all the written correspondence that occurs via the internet.


In defense of inkorrect gammer and spelling. Schools for the past twenty years or so focus more on creativity and the expression of ideas as opposed to the implimentation of correct grammer and spelling. Bad spelling grades and tedious grammer rules only serve to stiffle creativity. Internet "Short Hand " only compounds things.

This does not excuse us from maintaining a certain standard though. It is not wrong to demand the correct usage of the english language. I wouldn’t jump down afars throat as fast as I would down the program developers in departments of education who led us to this situation. Though people in afars situation should realize they have been misserved by their schools.

And to think I joined this site for the aviation :wink: and emoticons 8)


AMEN!! We can see how far the “creative expression” education has gotten us, now can’t we? We score as low or lower on most standardized tests than most third-world countries. Oh, and children these days are about as creative as a blade of grass. My wife operates an in-home daycare, and I get to entertain the schoolage kids when school’s out. They can’t even play a game that I make up (As they have no ability to originate an idea whatsoever.) for more than 5 minutes before they’re bored, tired, and thirsty. Most of the teenagers I see dress the same, listen to pretty much the same “music,” and can’t comprehend what true adversity means, or how to overcome the simplest of difficulties. Creativity, MY ASS.

…And all thanks to afarr454. :wink:


These are abbreviations, not acronyms. An acronym is an abbreviation that is usually pronounced like a word. An example is NASA.

I’ve seen OOC, OC, and NC but not NOC and NNC. However, I’ve always been able to decode them according to the context. Just to say “Delta OOC…” isn’t helpful because there’s no context.


Brings up another good point. When I " grew up ", we made our own fun. There was very little directed play. We made our own rinks, played baseball in open fields, had forts in the woods and snow.

Today, most activities are directed. Organized activities ranging from sports to the arts. Video games are an exteme form of this, where in order to succeed you must navigate a fine line of obsticles before you reach the next level. There is no thinking outside of the box. It is a question of mastering the pattern of the program.

So the sickness is obvious in our youth, but the source of the infection and its cure lies within an older generation.

…must go dig my hiddie hole and stock it with food, the end of civialization must surely be near. :wink:


I stand corrected.


Man I went to sleep and woke to find more people jumping in to this topic.

I agree with the over all poor schooling. But, I didn’t go to a bad school in my youth. Anyone with grammer school and high school education can write good when they want. I didn’t realize when we wanted to post something on this website we had to write it like our college thesis. Blogs are simply having conversations via the internet. When you talk to your buddy in person, do you use proper english? NO! I’ve written hundreds of papers in my life and not all have been successful. But not all were poor either. Today people need to be crammed with specifics and details. You can never learn anything new if you do not figure it out for yourself. Really, the first time I saw “NNC, NOC, and OOC,” I did not what they were either. But I found out and learned something new. Their is not imagination anymore. And if someone truley can’t figure out something, they ask! Like I did.

I can’t believe were talking about this stuff on an airliners blog. No body sticks to the point.
Oh yeah, and the subject “Just Curious” is suppose to be an eye catcher. Instead of just putting my question as my subject, you click on it to see what it’s about. That is use common everywhere. Advertising does that to people. They make you curious about the item and want you to learn more about it, to possibly by it. You see, its been a little less than 24 hours and 130 people have glanced at the topic.


Sometimes the tangents make this place interesting.


Whatever gave you the idea this is an “airliners blog”?


or discussion…you know what I meant.