Hot Link to Live ATC?


When you are in airport mode, it would be a nice feature to add a Listen button with a hotlink to the audio feed from LiveATC for the airport. Live ATC doesnt have universial coverage, but for those they have it would be a great feature.


Why not just open another window (or tab if you are using Firefox) and load the ATC link there?


Just a reminder for those that haven’t tried this yet:
FlightAware has a 5-6 minute delay built into the radar display, the ATC audio sites have a much shorter delay, nearly real-real-time. Because of this the display and audio will be out of sync by several minutes. That makes it really hard to follow.

Maybe somebody could come up with a TiVo-for-ATC so we can delay the audio by the same amount that the radar is delayed so everything appears to happen at the same time! :smiley: