Pilot/Controller communication


Is it possible to monitor pilot/controller communication while you’re tracking a flight?


Your best bet would be http://www.liveatc.net/ if you don’t have your own scanner.


Just remember that liveatc.net doesn’t cover all of the USA, Canada, or even Nauru. Also remember that there is a delay of about 5-6 minutes so if, for example, you hear an aircraft given take-off approval, that aircraft will still show as not departed for several minutes on FlightAware.


The flight was into ATL. I was able to to monitor the approach and landing at www.atcmonitor.com

Thanx for the replys!


Maybe you should specify that the delay is on FlightAware, not on liveatc.net (as far as I know anyway). It just looked as though you were inferring that the delay was on liveatc. [Sitting down and shutting up now] :smiley:


I made a bad mistake - I figured newbies and others would have actually read the FAQ’s and seen that there was a delay on FlightAware due to FAA constraints. Therefore, my statement above was just a reminder.


There’s a slight delay on LiveATC, but it’s no more than 30 seconds (determined through listening to my scanner and the feed at the same time :wink:), but it’s caused by the signal having to come from the host scanner, through the servers, and back over the internet. It’s not a purposely imposed delay by LiveATC.


I figured so much, with all the travelling that the info (signal, sound, whatever) does before it gets to my computer.


How do you get live ATC on http://www.liveatc.net? When I click on the Listen Live button, it doesn’t do anything. I find this very frustrating.


I click on either the LISTEN button or the airport title, and it automatically opens in Windows Media Player. If that doesn’t work, try right clicking and saving the file to your desktop, and opening it from there.


When I did that and opened the file it opened up on iTunes but I couldn’t play it.


I’ve played the feeds in iTunes and WMP, so that’s odd. Try opening it up in WMP.


Check your “file associations”. Sounds like Itunes hijacked that type of file.

You don’t say what operating system you have, but generically speaking the following “should” work.


While the article references Windows 2000, the steps going on memory are the same in XP (I have Vista on my home machine).



It isn’t live on liveatc.net is it? I’ve opened it and had my scanner on at the same time and there was around a 10 sec. delay on every transmission.


Scroll up to my earlier reply. :wink:


My bad my bad… Still why do they get the title LIVE?


Because they want to. And it is basically live, a delay that small doesn’t mean much.


The feed is uploaded live, it takes a few seconds to convert the radio signal to digital, transmit the information to the person’s ISP, then over to the LiveATC servers, then to your ISP, then to your computer, and then for your computer to convert the information into electronic signals to send to the speakers. For all practical purposes, it is live.


I don’t think that Liveatc is on a delay. I listen in to BTV and I can pop my head in the window and see the planes takeoff right after they clear them.


Figure a 20 sec. delay. From holding short, to taxiing on to the runway, going through last check list, and applying power.

… Why can’t I find an image anywhere that is less than 16 kb?