bigmap not updating automatically


The popup big map of an airport view is not refreshing for me, even after 30 minutes. I am logged in, I’ve read the faqs, I’ve searched the discussion forums. I see others that have had the same problem in the past, but no resolution. At one point it was suggested to check browser settings, this I’ve done and they are at the lowest security settings and the pop-up blocker is off.



It seems that bigmaps do not refresh in IE7… works on other pages and browsers, but not that combination. The page source says to refresh every 1.5 or 2 minutes, but IE7 isn’t refreshing. I’ll see if the developers know of about the IE quirk that is causing this. In the meantime, use another browser like Firefox.

edit: Seems to be an intermittent issue with automatically refreshing all pages in IE7. I’m not sure there’s anything we can do, but we’ll look into it.




I know this post is several days after the discussion, but I too am frustrated by no automatic updating the big maps. The problem seemed to start when the pop-ups that have a lot of animation started appearing. Each time the update opens, the site freezes up trying to fill the ad (only an ad that has a lot of motion causes this). I know my computer is capable of running these ads. Don’t know if this helps to figure out what’s wrong. Thanks


This should be a warning: When great alternatives to MicroSoft exist, use them. You should be using Firefox rather than IE7 (or IE6, for that matter).


Not that Dave is biased towards Firefox or anything…



Me? Biased? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!! Not Me!!!


This is an IE-only bug where it’s not completing loading the page, so it’s not starting the counter to refresh. The only known workaround at the moment is to use another browser.


Thanks, it looks like a new browser is the answer. I really use this site and look forward to zoom capabilities…hopefully down to approach control level. Tonight, I’m getting auto updates but not all the toolbar is usable. Another reason to switch browsers.


Now maybe I am crazy, but am I the only one who cannot seem to get logged into FlightAware using Firefox? I type in the UN and PW numerous times and it jumps back to the page asking the UN and PW…madening…


Sounds like an ID10T error…

:wink: :laughing:


Sounds like an ID10T error…

Once again excuse my ignorance, but what is that?[/quote]


The “I.D Ten T error” refers to user error. “ID10T” looks very much like the word “IDIOT”.
It doesn’t sound like an ID10T problem to me. Sounds like a problem with your Web browser. Try clearing the cache, maybe…

Firefox version 1.0.6 works for me.


Or and “Identity”, meaning user error.

It was a joke…no harm done…