Am I the only one who seems to not be able to get IUE7 to automatically refresh and tracking flight? I am logged in and leave the screen al;one, but I always have to hit F5. IE6 always refreshed automatically. Any ideas?

Switch to Firefox. :wink:

Are you sure you’re logged into the main site with IE7? I haven’t heard of this issue before and we got a lot of IE7 feedback when it was in beta and first released.

I automatically get logged in every time I open Flightaware. Should I log out then re - log in?
BTW, I have no problem using Firefox, but prefer using IE7

I was on Beta IE 7 and am now on production. I don’t have problems at all. There was an early problem with pulling Airport Codes when coming from Discussion Forum, but that seems to have gone away. Double check you have all updates from MS. Don’t know what else it could be. TC

There’s probably a support group for people like this. :slight_smile: