The New IE7 and FlightAware-BUG?

I made the fatal mistake of trusting Bill Gates and installing the new IE7. Now when I dont know the airport code and type a name nothing comes up. Anyone else having this problem and if so any explanations and is it fixable? Thanks.

Just tried it and had the same thing happen as you. A good solution is to download Firefox and use it instead of Internet Explorer. :laughing:

Gotta go with pmbell. I mainly use Firefox, and use IE only for windows update and stupid sites that don’t know how to handle firefox (for such a “great” company, microsoft is so lame for not being able to be used with firefox.)

The Information Resources department of my employer says flat out that they will not support IE7. It conflicts with some critical software.

Further, if we install IE7 in our home computers and try to enter work servers via IE7 and the web, we will be denied access. Thus, we’d have no way to check business e-mail from home.

IR does support Firefox. If you can’t stand IE6, then upgrade to Firefox, not IE7 (according to my company’s IR managers).

Thanks everyone, I installed firefox and it works fine. I also read a few discussions on how to get rid of IE7 and get back to IE6 and it seems to have worked. Things are back to normal.

When I was unable to enter an airline name with IE7, I immediately tried Firefox and it worked fine. That’s good, but I hope FlightAware can fix the problem with IE7 so that new users are not turned away by not being able to use FA with IE7.

The FIRST rule of software is if it is working - do not upgrade it.

Why would ANYONE trust any software made by M$ to be backward compatible? Does no one recall the blue screen of death?

That’s why Microsoft doesn’t make glass cockpits.

Yeah that’s a good one. I experienced the “Blue Screen of Death” the other day.

I use Firefox 2.0, and I’ve never gotten that thing to work. It says, “I’ll guess when I know what you mean,” but it never guesses. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

I’ve had the same problem with FireFox. Have to fire up IE to use the “guess” feature most of the time, I thought it was just me! Someone from FA should look into this!

What version of Firefox?

This was discussed before… … rport+name

Apparently there is a bug with the auto complete in the discussion forum.

Give IE7 a try. Luckily, when you uninstall it you get IE6 back. I had to uninstall it because my company’s remote access uses IE6.

I wasn’t really that impressed with the catchup-to-Firefox IE7.

Thanks Magnetoz. I just tried it from the home page and it works fine in FireFox. Perhaps this will give the FA staff a place to start looking!

I figured out the problem. I have an extension called “FireBug” installed, and for some reason that is preventing the auto complete from working. I have no idea why.

I guess I’ll just have to do without that auto-complete feature, because I can’t give up FireBug.

EDIT: I just want to clarify that FireBug was preventing the auto-complete from working anywhere. Even with FireBug disabled, auto-complete still does not work from the discussion boards.


Firefox 2.0 works great. Don’t forget there’s no law saying you can only have one browser on your computer. Download and use Firefox and use IE only when you have to (e.g. I can only use IE to access my workplace from home).

I was prompted through Windows Update to upgrade to IE7 and did just that. Is this not a production release of Internet Explorer? Nowhere, including About Internet Explorer under Help, do I see my current version as being a beta version.

I also tried the Airline Name, and I had the same problem. It’s the first bug I’ve noticed while using IE7 thus far. Perhaps there is a setting in IE that we need to fiddle with? I’ll probably stick with IE7 as it, for better or for worse, is the next standard from Microsoft, and soon enough, everyone will be using it and coding for it.

Regarding Blue Screens. I haven’t calculated the statistics, but rough guess… I get one about 1 of every 8 times when I start or shut down my computer. And, I thought XP was supposed to be blue screen free. :unamused: