Don't Know the airport code not working?


When I type in a city name to see all available options, none are displayed for me to choose from. Same thing with the airline name, it does not give me any options. I typed “don’t know airport code” in search feature, but I guess no one else is having this problem. Thanks for any help.


It doesn’t work on any of the forums pages (known bug), but it’s working for me on all other pages.


Thanks for the info Mduell, I can’t get it to work on any page.


What browser are you using and do you have javascript enabled?


Internet Explorer v7.0 and yes.


I say yes to javascript, how can I verify that it is enabled? I went to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced, but I did not see anything there.


IE7 is buggy. Use a real browser like Firefox. Haven’t had any problems with it.


**Appears that IE7 updates in the last 3 days fixed this problem.



Same here, I am back up and going as well.


We fixed the code to work with IE7.


It still doesn’t work with Firefox on the discussions page but does on the home page.