Don't Know Airport Error.


When going into the “Don’t know the airport code” I can type in the airport and it comes up, but won’t go to that airport when I click on it. I have to look at the airport code then go back and type it in the airport code box.


Same experiences here with MSIE 6.0 so it’s not your computer and it is happening NOT from the discussions group but from Not at home to try other flavors of browsers.

Bottom of web page says “error on page” when I attempt to get the airport.

Suggested airport box does not dissapear unless one completely exits the web page.


I couldn’t get it to work either. I typed in several different airports after clicking the “don’t know the airport code” link. I got the names of the airports but clicking did not result in going to the airport page.

I know the “don’t know the airport code” has never really worked from within the forum pages. I tried the link in the live tracking and a couple of other sections of FlightAware. No luck in getting the airport page to appear.

After clicking “close” on the input box, you need to click the refresh icon or hit the refresh key (Function Key F5 in both Firefox and Internet Explorer) if you don’t want to leave the page you are currently viewing.


I noticed this maybe a couple weeks ago. I forgot to bring it up, as I was pressed for time at the time.


That’s the problem with staff knowing most airport codes from memory… I’ll see what’s up.


The identifier at my home airport was recently changed from 50J to MKS. FlightAware does not understand the MKS identifier yet. How long does the change take to be implemented?




Assuming pilots/controllers are using the new code, the website will reflect it in a few hours. If they’re not, about a week.

Someone is working on the “Don’t know the airport code?” issue today.


This issue is now fixed.


So is the space bar. :unamused:


Give the dude a break! He’s probably being educated at the finest public schools in America. You know the kind I’m talking about - grammar or spelling or mathematical result doesn’t have to be right as long as you feel good about it.


Should have been able to figure out he goes to Oklahoma State University or University of Oklahoma. My bad. We feel sorry for those kind here in Tulsa.[/quote]


Thanks for the fix guys.