Airport Code Not Found


I have a problem with certain airports showing up during flight tracking, yet when I try to track flights for that airport designator, FlightAware reports that the airport code is invlaid. Why is this? I even used the airport code lookup feature and the airport is in the list. This isn’t the smallest airport in the state by any means btw. There are grass strips that come up with the ONE flight they have scheduled that day?! Yet my relatively busy local GA airport does not. Can someone shed some light on why this is happening?



When asking for help on something like this, be sure to be specific (e.g “I can’t find the Politicians Are Apes Airport in FlightAware”) rather than general (“certain airports”).

Have you searched the forum for you answer? I know this has been discussed before. Use the keywords “missing” and “airport” and then check “search for all terms.”

(Note to old timers on the forum who are geared toward the touch-feely side of life: Was this a more genteel way of telling people to search the &^^#$ forum and read the @#(# Questions/Answers section before making a first post?)


Feel the love! Geesh! I’ve never understood why people can’t just be helpful and post a friggin’ answer. If you want to tell me to search the #$%^&* forum along with it, great, do that too. IF, and I stress IF, I had not searched the forum before posting, that would be none the more lazy than not copy-n-pasting the appropriate answer.

Thanks so much for the help!!!


Gee! I can’t win. I give my nicest response and I get slammed!

Uh, if you notice I did answer your question:

Have you searched the forum for you answer? I know this has been discussed before. Use the keywords “missing” and “airport” and then check “search for all terms.”

You gave no indication that you had or had not searched the forum in your initial posting.

Welcome to forum, by the way. :unamused:


The nicest response would be to answer the question, since you insinuate that you have the answer. I searched the forum before I posted and I searched again using your suggestion for searching. Both searches failed to answer my question. So I guess we have successfully added another useless post to this forum. Wow, what a great tool! Now when someone who has this same problem does a search (either before or after being flamed), they will come up with this post and still have ZERO helpful info.

What a great forum!?!?! Thanks for your help.


Gee, I found the answer without a problem.
Some missing airport names
Private airports
Airport missing, how we add
Flight Aware does not recognize 4n0 as a valid airport


When asking for help on something like this, be sure to be specific (e.g “I can’t find the Politicians Are Apes Airport in FlightAware”) rather than general (“certain airports”).


I’m done wasting my time. Sorry for any that had to view this insanity.


Cirrus 455 welcome to the forum!

Please dont mind Damiross he’s being grumpy today and can’t say anything nice. Please be a little more specific as to which airports you are talking about and i will do my best to research it for you.


I actually thought I was being nice in my initial reply to Cirrus455. I asked him, in my oh-so-cute way, to be more specific when asking for help.


Damiross…being sarcastic is not being nice in your oh-so-cute way! Please do not post if you are going to be this way. It is discouraging for everyone and no one learns from it. This is going to be your final warning and we will have to suspend your account if this type of behavior continues!


I still don’t believe what my original posting said was sarcastic. All I did was say be specific (and gave an example of being specific) and I said try searching the forum for the answer.

My last paragraph in my original posting was meant for members who have chided me for being, in their opinion, rude in my answers. Cirrus455 is the one who started the sarcasm. I apologize to other members for allowing him to get to me.


I’m torn… do I stay out of this or do I say something?..

Honestly I see nothing wrong with Dami’s first post.

Cirrus455, it is not that Dami knows the answer and he’s secretly holding it over your head… I too know that Mduell answered this question a while back, but it’s best “from the horses mouth” or so they say. I could, like Dami eventually did, include links to the other threads dealing with this issue, but thats just making someone else do your work for you. He suggested the right words to search for to yeild the best results.

And besides, how can we give you an answer to why “your” airport, which “isnt the smallest airport by any means” and is “a relatively busy local GA airport” when we don’t know what the name is, what city or state it is located in, or what terms you searched for in the airport lookup page. With all due respect, you might be searching for the wrong name, or the wrong airport code (we don’t know anything about your aviation background and if you understand ICAO/FAA codes).


Thank you, cjijames, especially for your last paragraph.


Dave, I’m all verklemt!



An additional vote for Dami.

I can find no fault with his initial response.

Indeed, C455’s brick was the first over the wall.

As my son so graciously pointed out, C455’s post was devoid of any useful information on which anyone could have posted a response containing the information he felt he was entitled to.

Of course, you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do to maintain decorum in the Forum and I’ll assume that the public flogging was a simple case of pour encourager les autres.


I don’t know what the fuss is about.

Cirrus455 tells us that he’s looking for his relatively busy local Georgia airport. Since we can rule out Atlanta KATL, that leaves only Savannah.

Btw, the “Don’t know the airport code” feature shows no airport when one types in “Savannah”, so I understand Cirrus455’s frustration.

Here’s the answer to your question, C455. The airport code is KSAV and you can link to it here.


Grass strip with an ILS, wooww! (just kidding) Can you give a linkie?


You’re presuming that by “GA” he means the state of Georgia.

How do you known he wasn’t referring to a General Aviation airport?


I found Savannah real easy when I used the “don’t know the airport code” function. It works IF (as has been stated before in this forum) if you use the function OUTSIDE of the forum.

You airline-ism is showing. Just because an airport is big does NOT mean that it is an airport served by airlines. Delkab in Georigia is a big airport. VNY (Van Nuys) is one of the most active airports in the USA yet not a single airline serves it.

Come on, people! You all need to get out of this mindset that in order to be a busy airport it has to have airline service. While you’re at it, get out of the mindset that if it doesn’t carry passengers it isn’t an airline - a couple of the largest airlines in the world carry nothing but cargo.


Thanks for the tip on “Don’t know the airport code”, Dami. I didn’t know that before. I hope I’ll remember it next time, but I hardly ever use that function anyway.

As for the rest of my posting, if you guys didn’t recognize that my tongue was fully in my cheek, I may just have to amputate it. I’ve never stuck my tongue into a whirling prop before.