Airport Activity messed up


If I try to type in an airport code and view any airport activity other than the ones I set in my profile, FA searches for it then ends up as a blank white page.

Also, ALL my “enroute” traffic for my 3 saved airports all say “delayed.”


same for me thats what i was talking about when i wrote the subject airport codes… Is there any idea of what is going on?? :confused:


It works for me. Are you searching from a separate FA tracking page or are you using the toolbar to the left of the Forum page?

If the latter, the Admins already said there’s a problem with the Java code from the forum pages.




i used that tool bar on the left and still nothing works. let me check again.


nope i just get a plain white page. How long will it take to get this fixed do you think?


That means there are no flights enroute, and the next scheduled departure is delayed (already after its scheduled departure time).


I don’t know but i can’t get into any airport systems I typed in BTV and i only got a blank page.


is everything working fine for everyone else? :frowning:


But, as I said above, you need to have the FlightAware home page open in a separate browser window and NOT use the toolbar to the left of the forum page.

Yes, everything works for me. I have no problem getting Burlington (BTV) up.




Having some technical difficulties this morning, hoping to have it all fixed soon.


While you’re at it, have a look at for some ideas for additions to this forum, such as members online, who’s viewing a thread, etc., etc.

Not that you’re not already doing a great job! Just a few bells and whistles that some might enjoy.




They killed FlightAware…those bastards!


Shooting for most services to be back by 2pm EST. No data lost, of course, just need to sort out a few issues.


hooray! it’s back up!


Yeah, it’s been ready for about an hour, but we had overwhelming demand and continue to do some back-end maintenance that made it difficult to bring it all up at once.

It’s online with data from the last 48 hours and once everything settles down (both the demand and behind the scenes work), we can flip the historical data back on too.


Thank you for all the hard work you and your staff has done to get tihs up and running :smiley: :laughing: :smiley: :laughing:


Daniel wrote:

once everything settles down (both the demand and behind the scenes work), we can flip the historical data back on too.

Thanks Daniel, That answered my question once I was able to get back in! Almost went through withdrawal symptoms!!! Can I stop breathing in the paper bag now? :wink: