Unscheduled outage???

Figure to post to assume the following is an unscheduled **known **outage rather then a problem with volume of traffic?

Error I get is below my name.


Bad news! FlightAware is temporarily unavailable.

This is often due to extremely heavy traffic volume or an unexpected service interruption.


Forums are working fine, though

The forum is on a different server.

For what it’s worth, I got the unavailable (nearly all) white screen of death also. But, all was not lost - I was able to go to the reviews of teeth whiteners, courtesy of the Google ad on the page :slight_smile:

Looks like FA is now back in business.

Edit: Well partially for now…pages are coming up, but all maps appear blank.

As of 7pm EDT, how can there only be 16 American Airlines flight in the air right now (when using search by fleet)? One of them, AAL 956 from EZE-JFK hasn’t even departed yet. Activity for LGA hasn’t been updated since around 2pm EDT.

No, it’s knackered.

No arrivals or departure listings for BFI, PAE and RNT since 1825z yesterday.

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Surprised there’s no comment from Dan or Mark about it :open_mouth: .

Why isn’t there a prominent announcement about this outage? Why do I have to come in here to track down the problem?

Problems at the data center today. The flight/airport/fleet/type pages are all up to date now.

Historical tracks are the only thing left offline, should be back tomorrow.

Yeah, getting them good now thanks Mark.