Flightaware Down


Does anyone know why Flightaware is down right now yet the discussions still work?


Per screen… down for maintenance or upgrades… Answer is right there.



Unfortunately, we’re having a forced outage this afternoon that has caused web access to FlightAware to be largely unavailable for a few hours. We’re working very hard to restore service as soon as possible and make improvements and additions to the infrastructure to reduce the possibility of this kind of interruption again.

So, the good news is that once this is all resolved, service will be faster and more reliable.

DirectFlight, AirportAware, and e-mail/text message flight alerts continue to operate although a few minutes delayed.

The discussion forums are on a totally separate infrastructure that doesn’t mingle with the production service.


I meant more on the line of Upgrades or Problems.


Don’t worry, Daniel. I don’t think there are any BIG flights of any importance that new visitors might be trying to track today… :wink:

(At least that’s what Mayor Daley said.)


It was working for a few minutes but now it’s down again.


Long live Meigs!


Few hours? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s going on 7 hours for me.

I’m going insane! :open_mouth:


Been working fine for me at 0300Z for me. Been up for a couple hours I think or something close to that.



Checked it at 2130 Zulu or so and it wasn’t up. Checked every 15 mins and it just came up at 0300 Zulu.


It has been intermittent – everyone here is working on resolving the problem and returning to the high level of stability and performance that everyone is used to.


Hurry up! There is nothing on TV and i’m addicted to FA!!

Go faster! :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, I know you’re working hard.

I’ll be back on in the morning. :laughing:


ok if i am reading this correctly, you are saying that the delay will be less, but still there? so instead of 6 min delay, maybe 4 or 3 min delay?


No impact on the 5-6 minute “live” delay.


ok…well it looks like its back up and running though…