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Have used FlightAware in the past and it worked quite nice. Just now found it in my bookmarks and tried to use it. BUT, the live tracking doesn’t work. It has been way updated since I used it in the past, but back then I could see my airport and all the planes had their id shown etc.
Now it loads with an error on the page thing in the bottom left of the done statement. I can click on a blue plane and it turns white, but darn little else works, no ID, no airports displayed except in the earth mode I do get a little dot about where KDAY should be. Clasic mode only shows some green and blue planes, but nothing else works. Computer problem on this end or something?

KDAY works for me. Maybe your cookies are outdated, there have been quite a few updates to the site in the last couple of years.
The real experts here will need your browser version to help you better.