Tracking broken pt.2


Searching for JBU1704 on 5 June. Comes up in the results but when you click the link to the flight it says “flight not found”. Same story for AAL1765 flights in early June as well, along with others.

These flights definitely happened as I heard them all and the results list obviously thinks so as well, so why is nothing happening when the specific links are clicked? Some glitch somewhere chaps? :confused:

There is a bug here, definitely.

Just looked up JBU1703 for 6 June but I clicked on 5 June accidentally. 5th showed okay but then when I went back out and clicked on link for 6th it said no flight found. Went back out and clicked on 7th to see if that one was working and it is, so came back out and tried 6th again and now the details show up. :open_mouth: :confused: :confused: :confused: .

There’s a similar glitch happening with the tracklog history as well. Often when you click for the tracklog all you get is a blank space, not even a ‘no history’ mark, but then if you click refresh a few times you can get it to appear but sometimes it takes nearly 10 refreshes to show. Also, sometimes if you get the tracklog to show first time you click, if you leave your browser on that page, sometimes when the site auto-refreshes, the tracklog will disappear and be replaced with a blank white space.

Can any other members confirm before I get the standard “we couldn’t reproduce this” response? :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue: 8)