KVKX (a public airport) not recognized

In the bottom left corner where it says airport code, I type in KVKX, a public airport and it says the airport is not recognized. Other sections of the site have the same problem with not recognizing KVKX, but I’m assuming the root cause is the same. Could you please fix this? I am based there and it is quite annoying? Thanks.

What is the name of the airport?

Potomac Airfield

I guess that no one cares whether the airport database is accurate or not based upon the lack of a substantive response to my posting (and the lack of any action to fix it). I see that others posting similar questions got no substantive response either.

KVKX has been this airports identifier for numerous years, yet it is not in the database. Makes no sense to me. It even has an ICAO identifier.

Here’s a quarter, er $0.35…

Have patience. It will get done. I think that those that run this FREE site have system and timing for taking care of such things, ie, doing multiple uploads of airport info. at once, rather than one at a time.

Yeah, I guess that when something is free things can take a lot longer than one would ordinarily expect.

I sent them this same info about a year ago directly to one of the company’s emails and never got a response and they still haven’t fixed it. Hopefully at some point it will happen.

I really like the site, but its value is significantly diminished when the airport you fly out of does not even exist.

Actually, my preference would be 80-20: 80% inaccurate information and 20% bit correct information.

Give it a rest! This is still the best site around for flight tracking.

And yet… flightaware.com/resources/airport/browse/MD

And not yet.

Obviously you did not try to click through when you saw the VKX airport.

Not obviously at all. Perhaps I was too subtle in attempting to point out that KVKX is in the database although the tracking does not work for some other reason.


If you reread my first post, you can clearly see how I explained what the problem is. The airport VKX is not recognized. Just cause it shows up on a list that is not linked to the database does not mean it is in the database.

Other sections of the site have the same problem with not recognizing KVKX.

But at least one section does…

outta here

You are correct that it shows up on the list of MD airports. However, my whole point is that it is not recoginzed in the database, if you do what I said in my very first post.

It also is not recognized if you try to click on either “flight tracker” or “airport information” on the very list you refer to either. The list you refer to is unrelated to my gripe. However, it is a good point that you make and odd that it would be on the list, but not in the database.

You know, on my way back from lunch, I drove by a dead horse on the side of the road and for some reason, this thread came to mind.