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Any chance of listing my home airport (5B6) so that it doesn’t come up as an unknown or invalid code?

Rae Willis
Falmouth Airpark


This airport has a similar problem–Potomac Airfield (KVKX). Could you fix it too. It shows up on the MD list, but it is not recognized in the actual database for “flight tracker” or “airport information”.

See the “KVKX (a public airport) not recognized” under the General Discussions section.

My first post over there:

In the bottom left corner where it says airport code, I type in KVKX, a public airport and it says the airport is not recognized. Other sections of the site have the same problem with not recognizing KVKX, but I’m assuming the root cause is the same. Could you please fix this? I am based there and it is quite annoying? Thanks.


Just so there is no misunderstanding, Falmouth Airpark (5B6) is a public use airport.


See this thread. … 9100#29100