Some missing airport names

While browsing through FlightAware, I came across a few missing airport codes without assocaited names. Should they be reported here or elsewhere?

K34: Gardner Municipal Airport, Gardner, KS
CA51: The Sea Ranch Airport, The Sea Ranch, CA (private)
E55: Ocean Ridge Airport, Gualala, CA
GWB: De Kalb County Airport, Auburn, IN (formerly O7C)
LL22: Brookridge Air Park, Downers Grove, IL (private)
92W: Western Airpark, Yelm, WA
SN65: Lake Waltanna Airport, Goddard, KS (private)

(source for names:

We’re working on getting a more complete list of airport codes, names, and cities. We welcome any reports of missing airports so that we can make sure the new list has them.

I’ve noticed that many of the Alaskan airports have the wrong 4 letter codes. Alaska’s 4 letter airport codes all begin with PA, not K.

Some examples: I enter FAI. I get a message saying that it is an unknown or invalid airport code. This is correct because the correct 4 letter code for Fairbanks is PAFA, not KFAI. Ditto for for Juneau (JNU/PAJN), Kodiak (ADQ/PADQ), etc.

Hi. We’re aware of the Alaska and Hawaii airport code problem and hope to have a resolution in place soon.

2NCO, MountainAir, Burnsville NC., one of those private-airstrip-golf communities, on top of a mountain.

There is a ptz (pan-tilit-zoom) streaming webcam mounted by the runway with which you can eyeball aircraft (with their tail numbers) parked on the apron.

Got a URL for that webcam, mitcheroo?

That’s pretty cool although quite hard to control!

Just watched a Cessna with tail N4709C land and a twin, looked like a Seneca, take off!

What a beautiful runway and location. How’s about an ATC tower there? I’ll apply! :laughing: