Alaska airport codes

Many flights tracked from/to or within Alaska file the FAA 3-letter code (SCC for example). FA is just adding a K prefix to this, resulting in KSCC which is not a valid ICAO airport (it’s PASC).

Here is a list of Alaska FAA and ICAO codes:

This is bothering me too. Any link to an Alaskan airport brings up the improper ICAO identifier page. It looks like Anchorage has been fixed. It shows up with the proper “PA” for Pacific Alaska prefix. most of the other airports are still listed with a “K” prefix for some reason. Can this be fixed?

I would imagine this would also be a problem for Hawiian airports.

I, too, am being bothered. I’m being bothered that it appears that neither of you bothered to take a look at this topic in the forum by using the search function located at the top of every single screen in the forum.

The earliest topic I could find on this subject was in October 2005.

My post was before I had been “damified” as to the error of my ways.

Suffice it to say I have since made the necessary adjustment. Uh-huh.

I did search. Notice this thread was started 2 months ago. It’s not like I hopped on here and started making new topics. If you know where there is a post that answers this post why not post it. Otherwise go help someone else. I think I saw a poster posting with caps on a couple posts down. He spelt werds rong to.

I’m bothered a bit too. I’m bothered because it is an OLD complaint that was acknowledged and should have been fixed a long time ago.

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