alaska airport identifiers

I was wondering why some airports in AK have a PA identifier in the airport code and some have a K? ie. PANC vs. KFAI. Has this been discussed previously, if not will it be fixed so that airport information can been researched?

This has been discussed previously (use the search link above).
Basically, the states have 3 different ICAO prefixes:
K followed by the 3 letter FAA identified is used in the 48 contiguous states. (JFK, KFJK)
PH followed by 2 letters is used in Hawaii. The two letters are usually the last two of hte FAA code (HNL, PHNL; OGG, PHOG)
PA followed by 2 letters is used in Alaska (ANC, PANC, BET, PABE).

FlightAware assumes that any 3 letter identifier in the USA is prefixed by K. However, as you have found out, this is wrong. They are working on it.

Found answers in other posts from '05. Is the issue going to be addressed in "08 or is it a moot point to hope that the icao airport codes will be added.
Also I love the way flight aware works minus this one small glitch.